14 September 2012

Pixyisms III

Pixy: Where do you go to school?
Me: I went to this school, but I finished - I graduated. Then I went to another school, college, and I graduated from that school too.
Pixy: Wow! TWO schools! You're growing up!

Pixy: I weighed like 4 pounds. Or 30 pounds.

Pixy: Look! He's sweating! Are you sweating?

Pixy: Is that phone old?
Me: It's about two years old.
Pixy: (wide-eyed) That's a LOT.

Pixy: There's 2 TVs! One you put real CDs in to play a game, and one you watch shows.

Pixy: If you kiss somebody, like your momma, that would be lovely.

Cookie: I told my friends about what we were going to do tomorrow, because they all wanted me to come over.
Me: Did you tell them you were going to go do something with your very cool sister?
Cookie: Nooo! These *children* get very angry if you tell them someone is cooler than them...

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