03 September 2012

Pixyisms II

Pixy, to Cookie: Will you play Justin Beaver?

Nana: Do you know where we're going?
Pixy: Are we goin' women?
[women = (s)'wimmin'(g) ]

Pixy, to me: You are really tall! How old are you? How much are you weigh?

Nana: Here's your swimsuit.
Pixy: Where's my rope?
[rope = robe/coverup]

Pixy, to Nana: Are you going swimmin'? Get your swimmie on!

Doc: Get your dirty feet off me!
Pixy: (Takes shoe off, offended) Smell my feet! They're clean!

Pixy: It's butter! I'm seriously, it's butter!

[Doc was rattling the ice in his glass]
Pixy: That's loud, Doc! Now turn it off!

[Pixy points to salt while eating ice cream]
Pixy: If you put this on here, it would be nasty. Nasty.

[After Nana sweetened and creamed her coffee]
Pixy: Now drink it! Is it yum? Really?!

Pixy, to me: Are you taking your iPad?
Me: No, I don't want it to get rained on.
Pixy: I want my Nintendo DS to get rained on, so it will be clean...
All: Noooo!!

How old is the mountain? Three feet tall?

Nana: Change into these long pants.
Pixy: But I don't want to...
Nana: But I told you to.
Pixy, to me: Why is she always tellin' me what to do?
Me: Because she's the mom, so it's her job to tell you what to do!

Nana: Sit criss-cross so you won't kick the man in front of you.
Pixy: But it's a girl!
[It was a boy with full, curly hair. Pixy is very focused on gender identity and often asks (in hearing distance) whether someone is a boy or girl...]

Cookie: Will you please turn the volume of the air down a little bit?

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