29 May 2009

Linkage, Volume 70

Don't forget to check Michele's World Race Blog!

Storm Drain Art
legal graffiti in Brazil

No Goat Flu
free goat with every ute

Awkward Family Photos
submit your own awkwardness

Alien Caterpillars
larvae that appear rather otherworldly

Global Fizz
I have personally tasted Calpis and Ramune.
Has anyone else tried (or even heard of) any of these sodas?

21 May 2009

Michele in The World Race

My friend Michele will be going on a year-long mission trip in 2010. She will be going to 11 countries in 11 months through a program called The World Race. Michele is keeping a blog about preparing for her "year of intense discipleship training and serving people in each country to the glory of God."
Visit Michele's blog

Please pray for Michele as she saves money and physically prepares for her journey.

Brian and Eileen's Wedding Music Video

Brian & Eileen's Wedding Music Video. from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo. via Miss Cellania.

13 May 2009

Linkage, Volume 69

Dyson Brilliance
Cubist kitchen could stem gadget invasion

Kelsey Ladt
a University of Kentucky graduate at age 14

Tea Time
Prince William makes surprise visit to apologise to 109-year-old who complained about the Queen's birthday cards

Freedom Kentucky
wiki launched by The Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions to focus on communities, schools and elected officials in Kentucky

10 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Thanks for everything, Mom!

Here is a link in honor of six famous moms:

6 Unforgettable Movie Mothers
and the Real Moms They Depicted

07 May 2009

Phillip and Karina in Zambia

Two friends of mine have gone across the world to live, learn, and work in Zambia for the summer.

Follow their adventures on the Phillip in Zambia blog or in the Facebook group titled "Phillip's African Adventure".

Keep Phillip and Karina in your prayers.

04 May 2009

Linkage, Volume 68

The Dread Tomato Addiction
tomato statistics are dangerous

Heavy Boots
why didn't astronauts float off the moon?

Why Google Wants You to Google Yourself

Pop Up Guide titled _Inside the Personal Computer_

02 May 2009

Weekend Crafts

More crafts that inspire me...

perpetual photo wall calendar

Ice Wreaths
winter weather craft

how to turn a phone book into a desk organizer

Craft Room
amazing how much organization she fits into a tiny room!
(via another Amy)

01 May 2009

Linkage, Volume 67

Sugar Stacks
visualise the amount of sugar in common foods

Reclaiming the Swine
10 Pigs We Will Always Love

home of the first alien embassy on Earth

from the One Sentence archive

Career Choice
How to be a Successful Evil Overlord
(via another Amy)