26 February 2013

Linkage, Volume 196

Tuna Pizza
3. The math just doesn’t work no matter how you try: Biscuits + Evaporated Milk + Ketchup + Tuna do not, I repeat do not equal Pizza.
via The Mid-Century Menu

Dry Ice Bubble (video link)
Giant Dry Ice Bubble Experiment!
via Miss Cellania

Things I Wish I Could Put on My Resume
Education: Took 4 years of Spanish (and remember, like, three words)
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Japan's School Lunches
"Healthy" should not be defined by calorie count. Many of these school lunches are neither low-fat nor low-calorie, but they are a great balance of foods - heavy on rice, vegetables, soup, and fish. The meals are prepared fresh daily like they would be at home, with students taking turns helping serve.
via Just Bento (also a very interesting article)

24 February 2013

Bonus Dinoisms

(after a car show)
Dino: There was even a Batmobeetle! But Batman wasn't in it...

Dino: Do you know what my favorite show is?
Me: Spongebob!
Dino: Yep! Do you know what my second favorite show is? Gubble Buppies!
(he meant Bubble Guppies)

Pixyisms VII

(Picking her up from after-school care an hour earlier than usual...)
Me: Did you do anything fun after school?
Pixy: You came early, so I don't know...

Me: What did you have for lunch at school?
Pixy: It was so nasty. It was an egg roll. And there was this *green* sauce...

Pixy: Punch bug! Punch! Punch! Punch the baby! (baby doll...) Don't worry - I didn't punch her hard! Hahaha!

Pixy: I think Doc doesn't have any hair. He should put hair stuff on his hair.

Pixy: What is a baby horse called?
Me: A foal.
Pixy: What is a big horse called?
Me: A horse...
Pixy: I call it a horsey. That starts with an E at the end.

Pixy: We were having a commestration (competition) to see who could yell the loudest!

(shows me a radio-shaped eraser)
Pixy: Did you know this isn't a real iPod? It's a reraser.

08 February 2013

Linkage, Volume 195

In case you don't know Sweet Brown, watch this first:
Sweet Brown's Cold Pop Escape

Sweet Brown Toothache (video link)
Sweet Brown did a commercial! Everybody got time for dat!
via BuzzFeed

Are You Good at Following Flowcharts?
via Pleated-Jeans

Honest Toddler
Walked into my parent's room at 3AM. They looked at me like I was the angel of death. Just wanted a quesadilla.
via swissmiss

Madeline + Train (video link)
Madeline's dream came true when she got to ride a train on her third birthday!
via The Presurfer

05 February 2013

Linkage, Volume 194

Pepe Likes Tacos
These Chinese Knockoff DVD Movies Are Hilarious
via Pleated-Jeans

Dug the T-Rex
this lawn dinosaur in Redwood City, California, gets dressed up for every occasion
via Neatorama

Toddler Tantrum
46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out
via Miss Cellania

Boogeyman Fighting Fish
22 Parents Who Are Doing it Right
via Pleated-Jeans