24 February 2013

Pixyisms VII

(Picking her up from after-school care an hour earlier than usual...)
Me: Did you do anything fun after school?
Pixy: You came early, so I don't know...

Me: What did you have for lunch at school?
Pixy: It was so nasty. It was an egg roll. And there was this *green* sauce...

Pixy: Punch bug! Punch! Punch! Punch the baby! (baby doll...) Don't worry - I didn't punch her hard! Hahaha!

Pixy: I think Doc doesn't have any hair. He should put hair stuff on his hair.

Pixy: What is a baby horse called?
Me: A foal.
Pixy: What is a big horse called?
Me: A horse...
Pixy: I call it a horsey. That starts with an E at the end.

Pixy: We were having a commestration (competition) to see who could yell the loudest!

(shows me a radio-shaped eraser)
Pixy: Did you know this isn't a real iPod? It's a reraser.

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