27 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 134

All videos today!

if only he could spin webs
via Neatorama

Say No to Reefer
Say Yes to Roller Skating! With a three-way high five!
via Nice Girl Notes

Smart Bird Festo robot
Smart Bird interacting with seagulls
Smart Bird at TED

Ye Olde Debunking
'ye' is actually short for 'thee', meaning 'your"
via Neatorama

Bake Sale
it...also has sprinkles
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20 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 133

Cardboard Barbie House
double spiral staircase! hinged gate! pocket doors! elevator!
via Modern Parents Messy Kids

The Hobbit
frame rate increased to 48 frames per second from the current industry standard of 24fps
via Neatorama

The Industrialization of Childbirth
long but fascinating read about the history of the various tools and techniques used in for complicated births
via Neatorama

Toothless Narwhals
the only tooth on the narwhal is the left canine that erupts as a tusk through the upper lip
via Neatorama

10 Quick Jokes (video link)
simple, effective, classic practical jokes
via Neatorama

Strawberry Mug Cake Fail
by The Pintester
F***ing up Pinterest pins so you don't have to
via CraftFail

19 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 132

X-ray Spex
the stories behind the products in comic book ads
via Neatorama

Dumt & Farlig (video link)
slow-motion video of "Stupid & Dangerous" actions
via Neatorama

Underground Hotel
hotel going to be built in a former rock quarry in Shanghai
via Neatorama

Ensign Chuck Hord
portrait prank at the Pentagon
via Neatorama

17 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 131

Reasons for Optimism
optimistic news for a not-so-optimistic world
via not martha

Firefox has crashed
gotta clear your cookies...
vis Miss Cellania

how many ways can you play pong?
via Miss Cellania


Sea Lion Pup
a visit from a baby sea lion at Gardner Bay, in the Galapagos Islands
via Neatorama

Man vs. Canada Goose
don't try to fight a goose
via The Presurfer

How Blind People Use the iPhone 4S
Tommy Edison has made 45 (so far!) videos explaining how blind people do everyday things
via The Presurfer

16 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 130

Operation Carry On
Fort Knox-based Warrior Transition Battalion walked 31 miles to deliver toys to Kosair Children's Hospital
Courier-Journal link with photo slideshow
WAVE3 link with video report

sleeping pods for data center employees for the 2012 Olympics in London
via Neatorama

Eddy Current Tube
via Miss Cellania
Better Video Here
Tubes and Film available from Educational Innovations Inc.

Wall of Eyes
go ahead and play with it!
via Miss Cellania

Desk Nap
things to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk
via Miss Cellania

13 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 129

Fortune Cookies
"You got the wrong cookie!"
via Miss Cellania

Fictional Characters Birthday Calendar
with what fictional character do you share a birthday?
via Miss Cellania

What's Your State Good At?
each state's main energy accomplishment
via Neatorama

Philosophers Who Failed at Love
Aristotle believed women had fewer teeth than men; even though he was married twice, he never bothered to check
via Neatorama


Old Book Smell
How Old Books Get That Distinctive Smell
via Neatorama

Football Helmet Testing
no mention of how his spine held up to that testing
via Neatorama

Wrong Gig
this drummer is entirely wrong for the very mellow Rick K. and the Allnighters
via Reddit

11 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 128

Spacecraft Sightings
find out when the International Space Station will be flying over your city
via NASA Human Space Flight

car with modified controls
via Neatorama

statistics has a sense of humor
via Miss Cellania

Unique Paths
8 of the Most Unique Paths in the World
via The Presurfer

Caine's Arcade
this kid is going to be a great businessman!
via NeatoBambino

10 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 127

spot the differences in the mirrored image
via Miss Cellania

Titanic Demographics
Demographics of the TITANIC Passengers: Deaths, Survivals, and Lifeboat Occupancy
via The Presurfer

Saving Mr. Banks
Tom Hanks will play Walt Disney in a movie about the making of Mary Poppins
via the Daily Mail Online

Maryland Mega Millions
Winners revealed as teachers, not a McDonald's worker
via the Daily Mail Online

Wind Map
click on the map to zoom in
via The Presurfer

All I Wanted Was a Doughnut
don't worry, the replacement sliding glass doesn't have a confusing knob
via The Pioneer Woman

How to Kill and Eat an Iguana
with an informative and instructional video!
via Serious Eats

09 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 126

What Happens When...
outtakes from A Public Smock Announcement
via Grasping for Objectivity

Baby's Belly Button
a book's entire plot is given away right on the cover
via Neatorama

Water Guns Banned, Real Guns OK
security threats include masks, squirt guns, and string more than 6 inches long, but state law bans local governments from placing restrictions on carrying actual weapons
via Neatorama


Secret Service Duckling Wranglers
"...then the officers resort to scooping up the little babies in their big tough guy gloved Secret Service man hands..."
via Etiquette Hell

Jeep Limo
1944 US Army "Super Jeep"
Via Neatorama

Cat Burglar
Oscar figured out how to get his own frozen fish sticks
via Neatorama

Titanic in Super 3D
now with more monsters!
via Neatorama