29 June 2012

Linkage, Volume 146

How Tomatoes Lost Their Taste
scientists have traded good tomato taste for uniform ripening
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Color Wheels Are Wrong
how color vision actually works
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An Internet Family Vacation
highlights from this year's internet camping trip (more in the comments)
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Skype Family Portraits
photographer John Clang used Skype video projections to bring long-distance families together for portraits
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21 June 2012

Linkage, Volume 145

Catching up on my Neatorama linkage!

Carrots on Sticks
the official wartime substitute for ice cream
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Unusual Lakes
12 of the World's Strangest and Most Unusual Bodies of Water
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Underwater Egg (video link)
cracking open an egg 60 feet under water
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Floating Cup (video link)
drive-through magic in da hood!
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Treat Your Mother Right
10 Stupid Videos That Will Never Ever Stop Being Funny
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the "i" was hiding right there all along!
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Tube Rules
good rule for life
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writer Josh Gross of Boise Weekly was directed to write about an upcoming Nickelback concert
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10 Bets You Will Never Lose (video link)
Richard Wiseman never ceases to amaze with his party tricks!
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Toddler POV (video link)
hide-and-seek, from a toddler's point of view
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the "Son of a Cymbal Maker" is the oldest family firm in the USA
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Honey Badger FroYo
Try it...or not. We don't care.
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20 June 2012

Customer Service

I teared up at number 5, and a few more times after that while reading stories in the comments. Take some time to read some feel-good stories today!
11 of the Best Customer Service Stories Ever
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19 June 2012

Linkage, Volume 144

Pointer Pointer
move your mouse pointer and someone will point to your pointer
via The Presurfer

Fixie Don't Care
it's hard to be a hipster
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Bacon Sundaes
Burger King announced a delicious limited-time summer menu
via not martha

Dum Dums
what is the mystery flavor?
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12 June 2012

Disney Magic

This is why we all still believe in Disney Magic!
Ben was the last rider on Snow White's Scary Adventures in Walt Disney World on May 31, 2012. A full cast of wonderful people helped Ben count up to his 3500th ride on the now-closed attraction. This story made me almost cry over and over - I had to read it one piece at a time so I wouldn't get all puffy-eyed at my desk!

Part 1, The Beginning of the End
Part 2, The Fairest One of All
Part 3, Counting Up, Counting Down
Part 4, The Big Ending


05 June 2012

Linkage, Volume 143

The Turkish Connection
If you don’t eat this, you get nothing else!!!
via Grasping for Objectivity

Powerful Photographs
40 of the most powerful photographs ever taken
via Miss Cellania

Love the Story
stop worrying (about science accuracy)
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Senior Quotes (image link)
Well, two are twins, but the rest aren't related...
Here's the Story
Isabella Nguyen's creative senior quote collaboration
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Onion Life (video link)
The Life History of the Onion, from the British Council
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