29 July 2009

Linkage, Volume 77

The Neuroscience of McGriddles
because calories taste delicious
via Serious Eats

Not Fooling Anybody
a chronicle of bad conversions and storefronts past
via Serious Eats

Pain Relief
now-illegal drugs that used to be legal
via Miss Cellania

Pie Lollipops
a perfect combination
via CakeSpy

26 July 2009

Overheard in the Back Seat

"This road is going to be swibbally." (squiggly)

"It tastes yucky when I burp."

"Please stop. That's getting ignoring." (annoying)

"I am going to make it ignoringer." (more annoying)

10 July 2009

Linkage, Volume 76

There, I Fixed It
do not attempt these "adventures in home pwnership"
via Miss Cellania

Science Kits
Popular Mechanics bought 8 science kits and researched online instructions to do the experiments at home without the fancy kit
via Neatorama

Bacon Explosion
now you can order your very own bacon-stuffed, bacon-wrapped Italian sausage
via Eat Me Daily

United Breaks Guitars
airline baggage handlers broke $3,500 guitar, prompting the owner to compose this
music video
full story here

04 July 2009

Weekend Crafts

Some things I want to try...

Surprise Balls
perfect for a scavenger hunt!

Crayon Cupcakes
great way to recycle broken crayons
This project reminds me of how my Mom used to melt old crayons in tins and pour the colored wax into candy molds to make cute shaped crayons (like this story). I may try this with silicone ice molds, since they are heat proof - melt the crayons in the oven right in the mold instead of having to deal with pouring hot liquid wax.