30 October 2008

Linkage, Volume 37

Sea Kittens
"Fish should be renamed 'sea kittens' to boost public concern for their welfare, according to animal rights campaigners. "

Candy Code
how to tell which houses have good candy and which ones are giving out toothbrushes

Shockingly Absurd Food Inventions
I think the pizza cone looks awesome!

Coconut Crabs
enormous crabs known for their ability to crack coconuts

28 October 2008

Linkage, Volume 36

How to Expose Flying Saucers
1953 article on how to take photos of UFOs

Man's Arm Trapped in Train Toilet
sometimes it's better to just let things go...

Cave of Crystals
remind anyone else of Superman?

Fantastic Contraption
physics game

Gas Prices
on MapQuest!

24 October 2008

Linkage, Volume 35

Banpo Bridge
fountain added to a highway bridge

Food Myths
Your Mom Was Wrong!

Hide the TV Remote
to encourage activity

The Retriever
advantage: being able to shimmy through a traffic jam to get to the stalled car causing it

22 October 2008

Linkage, Volume 34

Face Broccoli
it's like Where's Waldo for frozen veggies

Parking Rules
brilliant method for resolving disputes

Blah, Blah, Blah
alumni fundraising letter

Paved Paradise
Cemeteries in Parking Lots

Bigfoot Glass Ornament
hide it deep in the tree so your friends can hunt for it

Dogs Ate His Car
and he's really really bummed

Giant Beards
reason 3: great for sledding

17 October 2008

Linkage, Volume 33

Sorry I haven't posted in a while! Here are this week's links:

Black Barn Owl
opposite of albino

Grey Heron Eats Baby Rabbit
warning: photos of baby rabbit being eaten

Doctor's Advice
not always best

How to Embalm a Body
step-by-step instructions

no more 5T3ALING!

phenomenon examined

MIT Hacks
select MIT senior pranks

graffiti wall is vandalised

Last Remaining Titanic Survivor
selling momentos to pay for nursing home fees

Blender Defender
keeps cats off your kitchen counter

Oh, the Lessons of Parenting!
great illustration

13 Tremendous Tree Houses
i just played in the tree...

adorable baby zoo animals

08 October 2008