31 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 155

Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews (video link)
"Professional actor Chris Kipiniak puts the full weight of his dynamic gifts behind this interpretation of an online restaurant review."
Real Actors Read Yelp Reviews 2 (video link)
"Award winning audio-book narrator and actress Therese Plummer (The Good Wife, Law and Order SVU) lends her expressive talents to this rendition of a Yelp review."
via Neatorama
I hope they make more of these!

my favorite desk toys are under fire from the CPSC:
Buckyballs Banned
via USA Today
Dangerous to Swallow
via Businessweek
Seven Things To Ban Next
via Wired

30 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 154

Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies
Lisa Frank on her Wild, Wonderful, Billion-Dollar School Supply Empire
via The Hairpin

Resolving Ethical Issues
maybe he should have read the book
via Neatorama

Honey Hands
honey is the gymnast secret to sticking to the parallel bars
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29 July 2012


Pixy: "Can I please have a drink?"
Nana: "You mean may?"
Pixy: "Yeah, may can I please have a drink?"


After using a porta-potty, Pixy exclaimed, "That bathroom didn't work!" because it doesn't flush...


Hearing a siren, Pixy said, "Uh-oh! Somebody's hurt!"
Me: "Somebody might be hurt somewhere, but not here."
Pixy: "Yeah. Somebody's hurt in the real life."


Pixy played with an empty shampoo bottle and cup after she was washed in the bath, and she said to Nana, "You're a good girl. You let me play!"


Pixy: "You know when dogs are happy, they wag their tails? Our cat doesn't wag her tail. The cat ain't happy."
Nana: "The cat isn't a dog..."


Pixy: "What are these en-uh-ems in here for?"
Nana: "M&Ms are to eat for snack!"
Pixy: "I love en-uh-ems! I could eat them all day!"


Pixy: "Did you hear me snore in my bedroom?"
Nana: "Ha! No, I didn't. Were you snoring last night?"
Pixy: "Yeah! Because I wanted to!"


Me: "The cat saw a fly! She wants to catch it!"
Pixy: "What will she do if she catches it?"
Nana: "If she catches it, she'll eat it."
Pixy: "That's disgusting!"

25 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 153

Colorful Lobsters
more blue, orange, yellow, calico, and white lobsters are being caught - or is it just easier to report them now with technology like cell phone cameras?
via The Presurfer

Cosplay Kids
Adorable Children Cosplay at Comic-Con 2012
via Neatorama

A capella Indiana (video link)
all-vocal version of the Indiana Jones Theme
via Neatorama

The Roadkill Experiment (video link)
6% of drivers purposefully run over animals on the shoulder of a road
via Neatorama

18 Household Tips Tips That Will Help You Get Through Your Everyday Life
15 Hacks That Will Make You Life A Whole Lot Easier
via Miss Cellania

24 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 152

The City of London (video link)
small independent city inside the city we call London
British Isles (video link)
The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained
via Miss Cellania

The Dumbest Western Ever Made
review of Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter, including the movie in its entirety
via Miss Cellania

9 Intriguing Excerpts from Old FBI Files
President Hoover declined an invitation to Colonel Sander's 80th birthday party
via The Presurfer

Internet roundup
sometimes you need to laugh out loud... it's good exercise for the abdominal muscles!
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23 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 151

Single Name Celebs
The Full Names of 26 One-Name Celebrities, from A to Z
via The Presurfer

M&Ms Survival
"the newer blue ones are genetically inferior"
via Miss Cellania

How NOT to use Instagram
"Once upon a time, there was a blogger princess who had hemorrhoids..."
and the follow-on Walk of Shame
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Sweet Brown got a cold pop, thought it was a barbecue...
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20 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 150

Amazon Yesterday Shipping (video link)
the newest fastest delivery service
via Miss Cellania

The Mini Golf Open (video link)
Improv Everywhere teamed up with ESPN to showcase the 1928 Claret Jug on a mini golf course
read the full story here
via Improv Everywhere

Beagle v. Lemon (video link)
puppy doesn't know what to do with this strange sour fruit
via Neatorama

Fantastic Delites (video link)
how far will you go for this tasty Australian snack?
via Miss Cellania

10 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 149

Coon Repellent (video link)
Hannah Montana body spray as racoon repellent
via Miss Cellania

Surprise Guest
the wrong Margareta Winberg was invited to a Swedish political dinner, but she was welcomed anyway
via One Foot Tsunami

Beauty and the BEAT! (video link)
There go Bonquesha she wit Trey like always,
He's on the downlow I can tell!
Farty Shoes
What would John Cleese do?
via One Foot Tsunami

lyrics so easy even a cat and a mouse can sing it!
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05 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 148

Strange Kitten (video link)
kittens enamored with a Furby
via Neatorama

San Diego Fireworks Failure
five barges of fireworks were accidentally all set off at the same time
Stars and Stripes Forever (video link)
impressive acapella version by the group Acoustix
more versions at the via link
via Miss Cellania

Sarcastic Fringehead (video link)
Excerpt from David Attenborough's BBC Life series episode 04 Fish
via The Presurfer

Fast Food Photo Shoot
why food in ads looks better than the real thing
via Miss Cellania

03 July 2012

Linkage, Volume 147

Ripping Paper
20 Ways to "Reset" When the Kids Are Having a Hard Day
via Wendolonia

PPACA, simplified
What exactly is Obamacare and what did it change? Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act explained in simple terms, with links.
via Miss Cellania

Trust Me, I'm An Engineer (video link)
with epic skill and epic gear (warning: salty language)
via Miss Cellania

Russian Army Fashions
Surprisingly Fabulous Russian Army Fashions of the 1890s
via Neatorama