29 January 2009

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter product recall has been expanded once again. Search this site for foods in your family's pantry.

28 January 2009

Snowed In

Ice. Snow. More ice.

No power at my house. Some friends of mine down the street have power so I'm hanging out at their house.

This is the house across the street from me. Trees broke and fell and took power lines down with them. Several other lines are down on my street as well.

My back yard. Very sad little pine trees.

My car that I so carefully uncovered an shoveled out yesterday...

24 January 2009

Linkage, Volume 48

stories behind 10 famous Dr. Seuss stories

Zombies Ahead
how to hack a roadside sign, not that you should...

interactive arachnid

Eyebrow Dance
funny commercial

13 January 2009

Cantaloupe Fairy

At dinner a few nights ago...

Cookie: "Hey! This just appeared!" (pointing to the piece of cantaloupe in her fruit bowl)

Me: "That has been there the whole time..."

Cookie: "No, it wasn't! I didn't have any of that kind!"

Me: "Yeah, the Cantaloupe Fairy must have come to deliver that to you..." (eye roll)

Cookie: "Really, she did! It wasn't there before!"

12 January 2009

Princess Candy

The birthday party was a smashing success! All of the princesses and knights looked adorable in their costumes and had a lot of fun with the crafts and games. My appearance as Queen Amy had to be cut short when I realized that one little princess was frightened to tears of my costume. The kids were most intrigued by the wig - "Is that your real hair?" "Where is your real hair?" "Why are you wearing that on your head?"

Candy's birthday cake had a picture printed on it of Candy dressed up as Sleeping Beauty last year. Our cousin showed it to her and said, "Look at your pretty picture on your cake!" Candy's eyes gleamed and she exclaimed, "Maybe I'll get to eat my face!"

08 January 2009

Linkage, Volume 47

The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget
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Wolf Poster
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tin man - private commission

07 January 2009

I Did My One Thing

So I accomplished my One Thing for Monday, although it took me two days. I found a dress for Mom and a queen costume for me. Then at another store on Tuesday, I acquired a surprisingly cheap white curly wig that will work just great! I also found a 5-foot-tall castle wall decoration and an adorable little crystal-studded silver tiara for the birthday princes.

One odd thing - while the party supply stores are overrun with pink princess supplies, I couldn't find prince or knight themed items anywhere! I guess the boys will just have to make do with the inflatable swords and foam shields that Mom ordered, while the girls are dressing up in their princess costumes.

And if you're wondering, no, I am NOT going to post my One Thing goal on my blog every day. It would be terrible to have all of the internet on my back to get things done. I don't need that kind of guilt!

05 January 2009

I Will Do One Thing Today

...and that thing is acquiring a queen costume.

My motto lately has been just that. Focusing on one thing to do each day that is outside of my normal routine. It may be grocery shopping, or doing a load of laundry, or putting the Christmas decorations in storage. When I look at my To Do list, I get overwhelmed at all the stuff that needs to be done. So I determine each morning to Do One Thing Today.

Today my goal is to find a queen costume to wear to Candy's princesses-and-knights themed birthday party. Mom wants me to dress up as a queen and "knight" the boys as they arrive. I will try thrift stores first and work my way up to the party supply stores. I am hoping to find a long velvet prom dress castoff, but I may have to go with a packaged costume. Also hoping to find a powdered wig with ringlets and some big costume jewelry to complete the royal look.