07 January 2009

I Did My One Thing

So I accomplished my One Thing for Monday, although it took me two days. I found a dress for Mom and a queen costume for me. Then at another store on Tuesday, I acquired a surprisingly cheap white curly wig that will work just great! I also found a 5-foot-tall castle wall decoration and an adorable little crystal-studded silver tiara for the birthday princes.

One odd thing - while the party supply stores are overrun with pink princess supplies, I couldn't find prince or knight themed items anywhere! I guess the boys will just have to make do with the inflatable swords and foam shields that Mom ordered, while the girls are dressing up in their princess costumes.

And if you're wondering, no, I am NOT going to post my One Thing goal on my blog every day. It would be terrible to have all of the internet on my back to get things done. I don't need that kind of guilt!

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