31 October 2012

Lady Thor - the costume

So here is what I came up with for my Lady Thor costume! Black boots, skirt, and shirt, gray leggings, a licensed Thor hammer prop, and my semi-homemade cape.

For the cape, I ordered an inexpensive red taffeta cape. It had a tall foam collar that I folded under to make the cape stand up on my shoulders a bit. I made backpack-style straps out of 1-inch black nylon webbing - two circles 18 inches each (overlap by 1 inch and sew a box) to go around my arms, connected by a 12 inch piece of webbing in the back. I sewed the top corners of the cape to the fronts of the circles. Then it got tricky. I still needed silver medallions. My first thought was bathtub overflow drain face plates, but they are heavy and cost at least $10 each in the store. On the other side of the bathroom plumbing aisle were these much lighter pipe fittings: Shallow Flange for just $1.92 each! Perfect! I picked up some shiny silver buttons from a Hancock Fabric store to sew onto the cape in the middle of the flanges to make shoulder medallions! The backpack straps made it easy to take the cape off and on, so I wouldn't have to wear it the whole time (like while driving!).

There were a lot of crafty costumes at the The Avengers party! My two favorites were a Junior Hulk and a Miss Captain America with a shield she had crafted from a Frisbee!

30 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 180

Puppet Albert Einstein
Extremely Silly Photos of Extremely Serious Historical Figures
via Miss Cellania

Everyone's least favorite Halloween candy has been making us miserable since 1847
via Buzzfeed

Silly Snowman
silly snowman went to town, walking backwards, upside-down
(quote altered from the book Silly Sally)

SuperMan Big Alliance
21 Terrible Knock-Off Action Figures - They might not be officially licensed toys, but they're probably a lot cheaper!
via Pleated-Jeans

29 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 179: Hexaflexagon

Vi Hart illustrates the joy of the hexaflexagon! 

Hexaflexagon 2
She does it again!

Hexaflexagon Safety Guide
Be careful with those addictive hexaflexagons...

Vi steps it up a notch with Mex Flex!
via Miss Cellania

26 October 2012

Bucket List

“Life Begins at the End of your Comfort Zone.” -Neale Donald Walsch

Inspired by The Domestication Project, I decided to write a bucket list. As the Domesticated Gal said, most 29-year-olds write a list of things to do before they're 30, but like her, I am realistic. These are things I want to do before I die, presented in no particular order:

-Plant a vegetable garden, in the ground, and eat an entire meal from its harvest.
-Harvest enough of one thing to can something, even if it's just freezer jam.
-Visit a castle in Ireland. And in England.
-Parachute tandem with a US military skydiver (like the Golden Knights).
-Eat my way across Italy.
-Be a Bridesmaid for a friend. (I have been in family weddings)
-Be a Maid of Honor.
-Be a Bride. (Maybe my Groom will take me on that Italy trip!)
-Be a Mother.
-Ride in a limo.
-Pay off all my debt (car-done!, student loan next, then house mortgage).
-Learn a martial art.
-Celebrate hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in Japan.
-Participate in an Improv Everywhere event in New York City (and see the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square at dusk, and a Broadway show while I'm there...).
-Go on another cruise, not during hurricane season weather.
-Watch sea turtles hatch.
-Visit Disneyland in California.
-See Club 33. (this is the item on my list that I am least likely to be able to do)
-Tour backstage at Disneyland or Disney World.
-Take a helicopter tour of a major city like NYC.
-Experience the Grand Canyon.
-Zip line through a rainforest canopy.
-Live in my dream house.
-Eat caviar.
-Attend the midnight screening of a movie on the day it opens (done-saw The Hobbit in IMAX at midnight on opening day!).
-Get a henna tattoo.
-Attend a murder mystery dinner.
-Watch all of the James Bond movies.
-Take a fitness class.
-Re-learn how to knit.
-Swing dance more (done-going to weekly parties at I've Got Rhythm!).
-Hand-make all Christmas gifts one year.
-Play paintball.
-Plant a geocache.
-Get paid to cook.

25 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 178

Mythbusters Greatest Hits (video link)
supercut of fantastic Mythbusters destruction
via Neatorama

Italian Pot Roast
might have to make this roast when it gets cool, like this weekend
one-page printable
via The Pioneer Woman

Gangnam Style Halloween (video link)
you had to know it would happen - eagerly awaiting the Christmas version
via Miss Cellania

Fancy Dress
20 Incredibly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes
via The Hairpin

Not a Cat Person (video link)
this baby is definitely a dog person
via Neatorama

24 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 177

Geek Family Costumes
20 Amazing and Geeky Matching Parent/Child Halloween Costumes
via Neatorama

Non-Exploding Soda Can
how to open a shaken soda can without an explosion

Behind the Bowling Alley
picture gallery of what happens behind the back wall of a bowling alley

Free Online Certificate Courses from Great Universities
via swissmiss

23 October 2012

22 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 175

Catching Up With 9 Advertising Icons
where the kids are now
via Miss Cellania

20 Smile-Inducing Halloween Costumes for Kids
the pint-size Thor caught my eye, but my favorite is the baby Wilson!
via Pleated-Jeans

19 Creative Costumes For Babies Who Are Too Young To Walk
via Miss Cellania

On Being Elmo (video link)
Juju Chang interviews Kevin Clash about his documentary "Being Elmo" (free on Netflix and iTunes)
via swissmiss

19 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 174

food and crafts edition of Linkage!

Surprise Cookies
I can see these candy-filled cookies working for any holiday

Bird & Owl Canvas Art
might make these for a certain honorary niece of mine
via Pinstrosity

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
made these last fall and wow, yum

Simple (Stovetop) Macaroni and Cheese
Elle cooks the macaroni right in the milk for extra creaminess

18 October 2012

Lady Thor

Lady Thor by MischievousMartian
Lady Thor by MischievousMartian
I am going to a The Avengers movie party as Lady Thor. Marvel Comics already has a Thor Girl, but that isn't the look I am going for. I want to look more like these lovely ladies at DragonCon 2012 who were inspired by KelseyMichele on deviantArt.
MischievousMartian also createde a wonderful Lady Thor inspiration piece on deviantART (pictured here).
I have pretty much all of the costume pieces figured out except for the medallions that secure the cape at the shoulders. I figure I wil wander around Hobby Lobby until I find something that works... Do you have any suggestions for 1-3 inch silver medallions?

Recipe: Candy Corn Cookie Crunch (updated)

Candy Corn Cookie Crunch by polymathamy
Candy Corn Cookie Crunch by polymathamy
I made the Candy Corn Cookie Crunch last night and brought it to work today! I used mini Ritz crackers instead of pretzels, but the almond bark didn't stick wellto the flat crackers. I also used mixed candy corn - regular and "chocolate" - as well as regular Oreos. Everyone loved it and was definitely buzzing on all the sugar!

The second time I made it, I used a much better combination of pretzel sticks and caramel candy corn. It was all eaten before I could take a picture! One of my co-workers dubbed it C4, an explosion of flavor!

Here is my adapted version:

Candy Corn Cookie Crunch
adapted from Scrambled Hen Fruit

2 heaping cups broken pretzel sticks (don't use mini Ritz crackers like I used in the picture - the candy coating just wouldn't stick to them)
24 Oreos, cut into quarters (freeze slightly before cutting to firm up the cream centers)
1 cup peanuts
2 cups candy corn, divided (caramel candy corn is even better than regular)
24 oz (1.5 pounds) almond bark or vanilla candy coating or white chocolate
3/4 cup Peanut M&Ms (fall colors)
1/2 cup Reese's Pieces

Cover 2 cookie sheets with waxed paper. Spread the crackers or pretzels, broken cookies, peanuts, and half of the candy corn on the 2 prepared cookie sheets (half of each ingredient on each cookie sheet). Melt the candy coating until smooth, according to package directions.

Drizzle the melted candy coating over the cookie mixture. Before it sets, sprinkle on the remaining candy corn, M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, and sprinkles. Let the tray chill on the counter for an hour or until set (you may place the tray into the refrigerator to speed this process if needed). Break into pieces and enjoy!

17 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 173

Tall Man (video link)
even Mister Rogers couldn't stop giggling during the middle verse of 'Where Is Thumbkin?'
via TheBloggess

Misery by Kyle Takuru
no access to technology = write a poem and pass out on the floor
via swissmiss

Lost Peanuts
10 Peanuts Characters You’ve Probably Forgotten
via swissmiss

Big Words
an app designed to grab attention and quickly make a statement
via swissmiss

16 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 172

Amy at Costco (video link)
Ellen sends her writer Amy to Costco to talk to people in song lyrics
via Pleated-Jeans

So Close
When You Try Your Best, But You Don't Succeed
via Pleated-Jeans

Partysaurus Rex (video link)
new Pixar short
via Pleated-Jeans

Gangnam Busters (video link)
PSY vs Ghostbusters mashup

15 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 171

video stories today...

We Are Hungry
The USDA's Solution to Students' Healthy Lunch Complaints
School Lunch Showdown
comparison of fast food meals to new "healthy" school lunches
via Fed Up with Lunch

Facebook's First Ad (video link)
chairs are like Facebook? Huh?
this lousy ad was dissected by Ben Kay
via One Foot Tsunami

Manual Lathe
craftsman Robin Wood revived traditional wooden bowl making in Britain
via Neatorama

12 October 2012

Linkage, Volume 170

Taco Soup
blogging so I'll remember to make it
via Grasping for Objectivity

Candy Corn Cookie Crunch
I also want to make this and take it to work, so I can sit back and watch everyone's sugar high
via Pintester

Video Game Marching Band (video link)
The Ohio State University Marching Band - TBDBITL Halftime 10-6-12 Video games Nebraska.
It's a little slow in the middle, but don't miss the running horse at 6 minutes!
via Epbot on Facebook

Big Bird
new Obama ad uses Big Bird to attack Romney - Sesame Workshop asked for it to be removed
via Yahoo! News

by Yoda
The Force is The Force, Of Course, Of Course
via Neatorama

08 October 2012

Pixyisms IV

Pixy: Are these hose or just socks?
Nana: They're pantyhose.
Pixy: You can't say that to boys - "panty"hose!
Me: You can say "tights" :)

Pixy: Is "Oh Snap" a bad word?
Nana: No, "Oh Snap" is just fine.

[Holding up a coaster]
Gummy bear: What's this for? Throwing?

[Eating baked potato]
Pixy: I need some butter.
[Nana gives her a dollop]
Nana: Spread the butter on your potato.
[Eats the whole dollop at once]
Pixy: I need more butter.

[Gummy Bear gave me a yellow crayon]
Gummy Bear: I need that yellow crayon!
Me: Well, then you had better ask for it.
[Thinks a minute]
Gummy Bear: I'll trade you a blue one...
[Trying not to laugh]
Me: You need to *ask*!
Gummy Bear: But I need it! Mommy, what do I say?
Gummy Bear's mom: Say, 'May I please...?'
Gummy Bear: May I please have the yellow crayon?

Nana: Go sit on the steps.
Pixy: I am angry at you right now.
Nana: That's ok. I'm not very happy with you either.