31 October 2012

Lady Thor - the costume

So here is what I came up with for my Lady Thor costume! Black boots, skirt, and shirt, gray leggings, a licensed Thor hammer prop, and my semi-homemade cape.

For the cape, I ordered an inexpensive red taffeta cape. It had a tall foam collar that I folded under to make the cape stand up on my shoulders a bit. I made backpack-style straps out of 1-inch black nylon webbing - two circles 18 inches each (overlap by 1 inch and sew a box) to go around my arms, connected by a 12 inch piece of webbing in the back. I sewed the top corners of the cape to the fronts of the circles. Then it got tricky. I still needed silver medallions. My first thought was bathtub overflow drain face plates, but they are heavy and cost at least $10 each in the store. On the other side of the bathroom plumbing aisle were these much lighter pipe fittings: Shallow Flange for just $1.92 each! Perfect! I picked up some shiny silver buttons from a Hancock Fabric store to sew onto the cape in the middle of the flanges to make shoulder medallions! The backpack straps made it easy to take the cape off and on, so I wouldn't have to wear it the whole time (like while driving!).

There were a lot of crafty costumes at the The Avengers party! My two favorites were a Junior Hulk and a Miss Captain America with a shield she had crafted from a Frisbee!

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