08 October 2012

Pixyisms IV

Pixy: Are these hose or just socks?
Nana: They're pantyhose.
Pixy: You can't say that to boys - "panty"hose!
Me: You can say "tights" :)

Pixy: Is "Oh Snap" a bad word?
Nana: No, "Oh Snap" is just fine.

[Holding up a coaster]
Gummy bear: What's this for? Throwing?

[Eating baked potato]
Pixy: I need some butter.
[Nana gives her a dollop]
Nana: Spread the butter on your potato.
[Eats the whole dollop at once]
Pixy: I need more butter.

[Gummy Bear gave me a yellow crayon]
Gummy Bear: I need that yellow crayon!
Me: Well, then you had better ask for it.
[Thinks a minute]
Gummy Bear: I'll trade you a blue one...
[Trying not to laugh]
Me: You need to *ask*!
Gummy Bear: But I need it! Mommy, what do I say?
Gummy Bear's mom: Say, 'May I please...?'
Gummy Bear: May I please have the yellow crayon?

Nana: Go sit on the steps.
Pixy: I am angry at you right now.
Nana: That's ok. I'm not very happy with you either.

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