21 June 2012

Linkage, Volume 145

Catching up on my Neatorama linkage!

Carrots on Sticks
the official wartime substitute for ice cream
via Neatorama

Unusual Lakes
12 of the World's Strangest and Most Unusual Bodies of Water
via Neatorama

Underwater Egg (video link)
cracking open an egg 60 feet under water
via Neatorama

Floating Cup (video link)
drive-through magic in da hood!
via Neatorama

Treat Your Mother Right
10 Stupid Videos That Will Never Ever Stop Being Funny
via Neatorama

the "i" was hiding right there all along!
via Neatorama

Tube Rules
good rule for life
via Neatorama

writer Josh Gross of Boise Weekly was directed to write about an upcoming Nickelback concert
via Neatorama

10 Bets You Will Never Lose (video link)
Richard Wiseman never ceases to amaze with his party tricks!
via Neatorama

Toddler POV (video link)
hide-and-seek, from a toddler's point of view
via Neatorama

the "Son of a Cymbal Maker" is the oldest family firm in the USA
via Neatorama

Honey Badger FroYo
Try it...or not. We don't care.
via Neatorama

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