09 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 126

What Happens When...
outtakes from A Public Smock Announcement
via Grasping for Objectivity

Baby's Belly Button
a book's entire plot is given away right on the cover
via Neatorama

Water Guns Banned, Real Guns OK
security threats include masks, squirt guns, and string more than 6 inches long, but state law bans local governments from placing restrictions on carrying actual weapons
via Neatorama


Secret Service Duckling Wranglers
"...then the officers resort to scooping up the little babies in their big tough guy gloved Secret Service man hands..."
via Etiquette Hell

Jeep Limo
1944 US Army "Super Jeep"
Via Neatorama

Cat Burglar
Oscar figured out how to get his own frozen fish sticks
via Neatorama

Titanic in Super 3D
now with more monsters!
via Neatorama

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