20 April 2012

Linkage, Volume 133

Cardboard Barbie House
double spiral staircase! hinged gate! pocket doors! elevator!
via Modern Parents Messy Kids

The Hobbit
frame rate increased to 48 frames per second from the current industry standard of 24fps
via Neatorama

The Industrialization of Childbirth
long but fascinating read about the history of the various tools and techniques used in for complicated births
via Neatorama

Toothless Narwhals
the only tooth on the narwhal is the left canine that erupts as a tusk through the upper lip
via Neatorama

10 Quick Jokes (video link)
simple, effective, classic practical jokes
via Neatorama

Strawberry Mug Cake Fail
by The Pintester
F***ing up Pinterest pins so you don't have to
via CraftFail

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