25 September 2012

Linkage, Volume 168

All video linkage today!

Cake Wrecks: Be Our Guest (video link)
wrecky cake music video by John of Cake Wrecks and reader Simon S.
via Cake Wrecks

GPS-chipped Candy (video link)
don't discard your Nestlé candy wrappers in the UK

Charming Coppélia (video link)
Clara Bergs, a 6-year-old with DiGeorge Syndrome and Autism, fully memorized the ballet Coppélia. She even improvises in the absence of a partner. So charming!

Mario Unipiper (video link)
no, I don't know why, other than "because he can" - if you could, wouldn't you?
via Miss Cellania

iPhone Taller (video link)
The iPhone 5 (Parody) Ad: A Taller Challenge

Marching Gangnam Style (video link)
Ohio University Marching 110 nails it
via Miss Cellania

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