19 March 2010

Linkage, Volume 96

Women Airforce Service Pilots are finally getting the recognition they deserve, 65 years after their service
via Neatorama

Not All Princesses
an open letter to Pixar requesting a movie with a non-princess female lead character
via Flexible Dreams

It's in English
thank-you, I'll have the "Big bowl fresh immerse miscellaneous germ" with "Chicken ear an ear jade liquid geng" on the side and "Steamed Forest Frog Plaster W/Double-boiled" for dessert.
via Miss Cellania

The Scale of the Universe
"from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime" via The J-Walk Blog

Top-Level Domain
Canon intends to be the first company to buy their own TLD, in late 2011
via The J-Walk Blog


  1. The scale of the universe link is awesome.

    Here's a very nice photo from the Cassini probe taken back in 2006, looking over the shoulder at Earth from beyond Saturn.

  2. I agree! The Scale of the Universe is great!

    Really liked the menu in English, too. We had almost this much fun with a local restaurant (now closed). Mustarded!


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