17 March 2010

Follow Me

I used to have a toy computer, back before toy computers were popular. It had a selection of simple games and a monochromatic screen. My favorite game was "Follow Me." The computer would play a note and say "Follow Me", its instructions for you to play the note, too. Then it would play two notes and say "Follow Me," and you would play the two notes. The computer would repeat this, adding another note each time, until eventually you messed up and forgot the sequence. The challenge was to see how many notes you could follow.

Become a follower of my blog, please. I know there are only like five people who read my blog, but you can all become followers! There is a quick and easy link for this in the right column, just under my contact e-mail address. Another crazy Amy is already following me. She pointed out on her blog, Flexible Dreams, that there are good reasons to have lots of followers - like being eligible to review products and such. Thanks, Amy! Thanks, everyone!

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  1. YAYY for followers!! I'm only 15 away from qualifying for a new review site. I think it's time to reach out to my facebook friends :-)


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