02 September 2008

Labor Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

My weekend was off to a good start. Cookie was the flower girl in a friend's wedding Saturday. I babysat the rest of the sisters while Mom took Cookie to get her nails and hair done. She just *had* to get square french tips to match the bridesmaids' nails. So cute! Her hair was done up in a couple dozen large ringlets (like Little Bo Peep!) with a tiara on top. She executed her part in the wedding perfectly, even if it was the only perfect part. The girls had a blast at the lively reception - lots of food and dancing.

I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat. By Sunday afternoon, every swallow felt like nails in my throat. Nails on fire. Then by evening, I got congested and headachy, like the front of my face was going to explode. I acquired some NyQuil and DayQuil sinus. Good stuff, that Quil. Slept soundly thanks to NyQuil.

Monday was supposed to be a fun day outdoors. The last opportunity to swim at the uncle's pool, then grilling out at Mom's for dinner. I stayed up on the shaded porch most of the day. When I got home Monday evening, I took some NyQuil and went straight to bed.

Woke up Tuesday feeling extremely groggy and still excessively congested. Decided to take a sick day and stay home. Slept most of the day.

If all goes well, I will feel better tomorrow and linkage will resume...

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