13 August 2013

Uncomfortable Truths

Inspired by Katherine's Uncomfortable Truths on her blog, Grass Stains.

1. For more of my childhood than I care to admit, I believed that all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. Apparently I didn't understand the requirements for making more puppies and kittens.

2. I tried (unintentionally and unsuccessfully) to burn down the break room at work. I brought my lunch leftovers in a re-used sour cream container, but didn't notice that part of the foil seal was still there, until part of the container caught on fire in the microwave.

3. I don't like ketchup. I put mayo and mustard on my burgers and dip my nuggets and fries in honey-mustard.

4. I don't like carbonation - not Coke, not ginger ale, not beer.... I think the tingly feeling feels like fire! I used to ask for orange soda as a kid to try to fit in with my soda-drinking friends, but I would only take a few sips before giving up.


  1. Ali hates all forms of carbonation, also. I figured she'd grow out of it, but I hope she doesn't! I bet you have extraordinarily healthy teeth as a result.

    1. I never thought about that added benefit, but I didn't have a cavity until I was an adult!

  2. It's an honor to know that I inspired you! Okay, I'm not sure I've ever encountered ANYONE who doesn't like ketchup! I love your whole list, though. :-)

    1. Thanks!! I am an extremely adventurous eater - I will try anything! But I just don't like ketchup, at all! This totally confuses the 6-year-old, who scoops it up using his chicken nugget for a spoon...


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