28 August 2013

Cub Scouts - Orientation

Lincoln Heritage Council - Boy Scouts of America
This week we went to the Orientation meeting for the Cub Scouts pack at our church. Dino recognized a couple of the other boys there and jumped right into the line of Tiger Cubs. The Scoutmaster told the Tiger Cubs to show the bigger boys how to make a straight line, because they obviously didn't know how! To start the meeting, the Scoutmaster asked for a volunteer to hold the American flag. Dino raised his hand so high that he was up on his tippy-toes! The Scoutmaster gave them a quick lesson about how to salute, in and out of uniform. That flag turned out to be about as heavy as he was, but he did his duty admirably, with a very serious (and slightly strained) expression on his face as we said the Pledge to the Flag. After the boys recited the Cub Scout Promise, Law, and Motto, they lined up to go to the gym.

Cub Scouts -
The meeting also turned out to be a potluck dinner, provided by the returning Scouts' families! Even though Dino had eaten dinner before the meeting, he went through the line to get some of his favorite foods - 3 dinner rolls, cantaloupe, and pineapple! When everyone was finished, the children (all the children - siblings included!) went outside to play a game while the parents had their orientation meeting. We got Dino signed up for the Pack and for the upcoming fall campout!

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