10 December 2012

Pixyisms V

Gummy Bear: Hey! I *need* you!
Shortcake: [Runs over] What do you need?
GB: I need you to come play with me!

Candy: "Jesus is the reason for the season." That rhymes!
Shortcake: 'Jesus' and 'season' don't rhyme...

GB: I want my mommy...
Candy: Your mommy is right beside you!
GB: I will *always* want my mommy!
GB's Mommy: I'll remind you of that when you're 15...

Dino: Daddy, guess who I love most of all?
Tim: Who?
Dino: God. Second is Jesus.
Tim: Awww, that's nice. Who's third?
Dino: Santa Claus.

Dino: There are two ways to make light pink. You could put white first then pink, or you could put pink first then white.

[Pixy showed me all the candy she got at the Christmas parade]
Nana: And I already took out all the hard candy!
Pixy: [picks up chocolate candy] No you didn't... This is hard! It's not squeezy!

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