26 November 2012

Recipe - Gaga's Cranberry Salad

I successfully made both kinds of mini-muffins for Thanksgiving! They turned out great! I used "white whole wheat" flour for both to balance out all the fat and sugar :-p

I also attempted to make this cranberry salad. I failed to read the recipe I was given and left in all the water! The salad failed to gel despite 2 packages of raspberry Jello... Here are more clear directions:

Gaga's Cranberry Salad

1 pkg fresh cranberries (12 oz bag in the produce section)
3 cups water
3 oranges
1-1/2 cups sugar
2 pkgs (3 oz. each) raspberry gelatin
(I also added 1 honeycrisp apple, chopped)

Grind the cranberries in a blender with the water, until the cranberries are chopped up quite small. Drain off about half of the water.

Zest one orange. Remove and discard peel from all 3 oranges. Either chop the oranges into small pieces, or put the orange segments into the blender and pulse quickly to chop.

Mix watery cranberries, orange zest, chopped oranges, sugar, and raspberry gelatin in a bowl, and refrigerate for several hours.

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