01 July 2010

Afternoon Adventures

Hang on for my stream-of-consciousness story...

I went to the American Red Cross this afternoon to donate blood. Little did I know that I was being assigned to The Stabinator. She was very difficult to understand. I guessed Eastern European. She took my history and vitals (fyi, the finger-prick hurts way worse than the actual donation!), then got me a juice to sip on during donation.

The Stabinator tried and tried but couldn't find a vein on my left arm (nor has anyone else...) so she switched to the right. I squeezed the squeezy ball for*ever* while she rubbed and tapped and rubbed and tapped. Finally found the vein. Marked, iodined, de-iodined.

Poked around.
And around.
Kept doing this until she noticed the pained grimace on my face. "One more try, then I get help." Last try really hurt! She finally called for help. By this point, everyone else in the room had noticed my grimace and were all ready to jump in and help. Steve, now known as My Hero, came over and gently got it in on the first try.


Elka was amazed at how quickly the blood was coming out of my tiny veins. "You are skinny. This is why you have tiny veins. You were born same year as my oldest. She has tiny veins also. Middle one, my son, married girl from home country. Youngest daughter turning 17. Thinks she is so big! You are all done - have good circulation! So fast! 4:51" Finished up as usual.

Work slip.
My job gives 4 hours off for blood donation, to rest and recuperate.

Went to Kroger after donation to get a few things. Got a call from Mom, asking if I was going to be near a Kohl's, because Cookie needed goggles. Well, yes, as a matter of fact, I was very near Kohl's.

Went to Kohl's, but they didn't have them. So I went to Dick's Sporting Goods. They had the goggles, but not a good price. But she was also looking for a black Speedo swimsuit and brightly-colored swim cap. Got those.

Mom jokingly asked if I could just run them down to my hometown before tonight's swim meet. Sure! No problem. But seriously, I was very near my Uncle's office and he might be able to deliver them since he commutes. I took the bag over and met him at his truck. We talked in the parking lot for quite a while.

Standing out in the sun for so long, I started feeling light-headed, so I asked for some water. Uncle took me and my water bottle in to the water fountain.
Drank water.
Saw stars.
Sat down.

Uncle offered to get me some candy. Yes, please.
Head got foggy.
Ears sounded muffled.
Still saw light.
Drank more water.

Uncle came back with two kinds of candy. Ate a Snickers Bar and felt very much better. Than-you, Uncle!
Went home.

So the moral of my story is that when you're given time off to rest and recuperate, go home and do that!


  1. Ouch! Most of the staff are great. Hope this doesn't stop you from donating again. Next time use the donation as an excuse for an extra treat - maybe Pie and Ice Cream!

  2. Nah, that won't stop me from donating. It happens. She was good in every other area of the process.

  3. In response to the emailed comment, yes, I would have pulled over if I had been driving when I began to feel faint. A couple of years ago, I did pass out after donating, so I know the warning signs. Since then, I have been careful to eat plenty before I go and to sip on juice during the process to stay hydrated. Now I know that I need to rest in cool air after.


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