16 November 2009


There is no better feeling than holding a sleeping baby.

Speak truthfully.

Listen actively.

Admit when you are wrong.

Be kind when you are right.

Everything tastes better with cheese. (Seriously - can you think of any food that can not be paired with cheese?)

No matter how bad things seem, you have got it pretty good.

Say thank-you - and mean it.

When you are sick, stay home - others do not want your germs.

Do not speak ill of former employers in a job interview.

Prioritize your budget.

Have a career.

Trust must be earned.

Learn to forgive.

Do not try to drink anything when you are lying down - sit up first.

Tell the people you love that you love them as often as you can.

Have one goal for every day.

Accept when your plans do not pan out - God's plans are better than yours anyway.

Naps are good.


Inspired by Wendy.


  1. "Have one goal for everyday" - that's some good advice. Let's see, today's goal is... sleep. Should be able to accomplish that right? Ok, that's cheating. I will have serious daily goals. Today's goal is to read job application pack and start preparing application.

  2. Im so afraid of having kids. Id be a horrible parent. I dont think i will ever have kids.

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