08 October 2009

Linkage, Volume 83

What the Kids Are Eating
"Three-star chef hits the school cafeteria"
via Serious Eats

New Literacy
young people are writing more than ever, but most of it is informal
" isn't killing our ability to write. It's reviving it—and pushing our literacy in bold new directions."
via Miss Cellania

Neil Armstrong
parent-teacher group recommended removing him from Texas textbooks "because he was not
a scientist." He was an engineer.
via Plime

Tuscan Kale
how Michelle Obama shops for produce
via Plime

Unruly Children
even God had trouble raising them
via Miss Cellania

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  1. The New Literacy article was fascinating to me after working in a college writing center for the past couple of years. I love Andrea Lunsford's work, but I never dreamed I would hear her in praise of text-speak. gr8!


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