20 May 2014

Cold Camping: Update, Part 2

When we woke up early Saturday morning after a chilly 42-degree night in tents, Tim headed out to the Farmers' Market while Dino and I warmed up around the campfire. The Scout leaders made biscuits in Dutch ovens in the campfire, and sausage and sausage gravy on the grill.

Dino and I left for a while to go do a soundcheck at our church. He was going to be in the Children's Worship Choir during the church service on Sunday morning. Apparently some critter (or family of critters) had crawled up into the attic over the sanctuary last week, so we were going to have the church service in the gym. Which meant a total overhaul of the audio-visual system. So instead of quickly going over the 4 songs they were planning, the kids had to sing their songs over and over for over an hour, to get all of the microphones and speakers balanced. Before heading back to the park, I treated Alex to the local frozen yogurt bar!

Back at camp, I was getting very sleepy, so I laid down in the tent for a while. I got up when sandwiches and chips were served for lunch. After lunch, Tim and I started taking down the tents and packing the cars back up. Granddad drove up to spend some time with Dino and see him get his Scouting awards after dinner. The 4 of us learned how to play Bocce Ball. We want to get a set for home!

Dinner was grilled BBQ chicken thighs and legs, hot dogs for the picky kids (like Dino), campfire-baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and salad. Yummy! After dinner, the Cub Scout leaders each got up front and presented each Scout's end-of-the-year awards. Dino crossed over from a Tiger Cub to a Wolf Cub Scout!

Dino was starting to feel weary of all the weekly meetings and such, but once he saw the schedule of activities planned for next year, he was totally on board! He will get to start participating in the next den as soon as school is out, so he will be in the Wolf den in summer day camp! Time for new uniform gear!!

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