23 April 2014

Linkage, Volume 202

The Food Allergy Lifestyle
No, It's Not a Preference

Scratch or Sniff
The writer of NeonFresh (formerly NiceGirlNotes) now also has "a website for parents of kids with allergies, asthma, and eczema"!

The Kindergarten Tribes
"The story he weaves is about two tiny neighboring kingdoms known as Room 2 and
Room 3. Each kingdom houses about 25 citizens. Twice a day these kingdoms merge
on the playground. From this melding 5 main tribes with 5 distinct leaders have
arisen:  The Diggers, The Minecrafters, The Ballers, and The Superheroes and
The Girls."
via NeatoBambino

Squirrel Song (video)
Springer Spaniel Sees a Squirrel and Goes Nuts!
via Lambert and Lindsey

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