21 May 2012

Linkage, Volume 142

Lemon Bucket Orkestra (video link)
why are my flights never this entertaining?
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20 Most Ridiculous Zoo Signs on Earth
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I Only Date Super Heroes
Story of a Five Year Old Avenger, Meeting The Avengers
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The Drama Button (video link)
push to add your daily dose of drama
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Emotional Purity
How the Teachings of Emotional Purity and Courtship Damage Healthy Relationships
review by a friend on Facebook:
I can relate almost verbatim to every situation she refers to. I too was smoking the "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" drug for a long time. These dangerous thoughts have more than affected me and more than caused me significant struggle when it came to dating and how I viewed....excuse me, how I judged others. Let it be known, I did not receive this teaching from my parents- they were not the ones to cram it down my throat. I ate it all of my own accord, buying into a very damaging way of living.

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