24 August 2010

Hell's Kitchen

Tonight, I dined in Hell.

Hell's Kitchen, that is.

This unique restaurant is located in the basement of a building in Downtown Minneapolis, MN, under several chain restaurants that reside at street level.

This is the wall I was greeted with when I exited the elevator on the Lower Level.

I had been to Hell's Kitchen twice before, once for breakfast (Lemon-Ricotta Hotcakes) and once for dinner (BBQ Bison Bacon Burger).

The restaurant has a stage up front that features live music most evenings, including weekdays.

You might expect "dungeon" or "goth" as the theme, but the decor is classically Gothic without being overdone at all.

On the recommendation of my server, I ordered the BBQ Baby Back Ribs. The half-slab of pork ribs were tender and flavorful, with a peppery sauce that left my lips tingling from the delicious spices.

The rib plate came with homemade coleslaw that packed a surprising spicy punch!

For the side, I chose sweet potato fries with chipotle-mayo dipping sauce. The fries were perfectly crispy and sweet - a nice compliment to the spicy meal.

Along with the ribs, my server brought the little dish in the corner of this photo - it had a cup with a couple tablespoons of very hot water, a lemon wedge, and a tiny coin-shaped compressed towel (like this one). I was instructed to squeeze the lemon in the water and then drop in the towel. It was such a clever idea, and it was so much more effective for cleaning the 'que off my hands than the usual packaged moist towelette.

The aftermath...

Everything on the dessert menu looked absolutely fantastic, so I opted for the Nefarious Mystery Dessert. I was brought a moist chocolate cake topped with vanilla bean mousse icing.

Hell's Kitchen: Highly Recommended
80 South 9th St.
Minneapolis MN 55402

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