05 February 2010

Linkage, Volume 93

J4NE the Pink Robot
robot alphabet, voiced by the webmaster's 2-year-old.
For example, "H: Robots sometimes get HICCUPS"
via Ohdeedoh

for those who need to google a lot
via Flexible Dreams

Everyday Loopholes
my favorite so far is Ctrl+Refresh to update my blogroll. Site has not been updated in nearly 2 years, but it is still mostly useful information.
via Plime


  1. OH no! is gone. Google shut them down. Click the link, you can read the letter from Google's legal department.

  2. Oh no! Well, when I saw it, it was a matrix of four boxes, each containing the Google search engine site. I guess now it "WILL NEVER EVER HOST ANOTHER COPY OF GOOGLE"


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