18 March 2009

I Think I Overwatered

I started seeds for this year's vegetable garden. About two weeks ago, I carefully organized and counted out my seeds and planted them in little peat pots. I labeled each one and placed them carefully in a little indoor greenhouse.

I should note that I tried this last year, twice. The first time, I forgot to water them. The second time, when I transfered the seedlings outside, they got sunburned and withered up right away.

So in an effort to not repeat last year's mistakes, I put the greenhouse right in sunny window and gave the plants plenty of water. I watered them every two days. Then on Sunday, I noticed that the peat pots right in the middle were covered in mold and the whole greenhouse smelled like a mildewy basement. I stopped watering and opened the top of the greenhouse so that the plants could get some fresh air. I will give them more water when the tops look dried out, just like the instructions say. So far, they're all still quite wet.

I hope they recover.


  1. Amy, don't kill your plants!!!!!

  2. I hope they recover also!!


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