Farmer Boy, Chapter 13

Social Studies
Occupations (horse-buyer, horse trainer) 
Several times throughout the year buyers come from New York to buy goods or animals from the Wilder Family. Father spends a lot of time breaking and training the colts and is then able to receive a good price for them from the buyer. Because the colts were so valuable, Almanzo is told not to work with the colts unless Father is present.

Questions to think about:
1) What does it mean to "break" a horse?
2) What steps do you need to take to become a horse trainer today?

Stray animals 
A hungry, stray dog came to visit the Wilders. Stray animals are those that do not have homes. People should be very cautious around stray animals. You can’t tell for sure if the animal is just temporarily lost, or if it has always been wild. Stray animals are usually hungry and scared, which can make them dangerous. They may carry diseases. Never approach a stray animal - that means never walk toward or touch a stray animal.

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